Tuesday, May 30, 2006

When we found out for sure we were being activated, we decided to take a last minute trip to SOCAL. We spend a couple of days in San Diego staying with our friends, the Volpers. We then spendt a couple of days with Janae's aunt and uncle in Fullerton and went to Disneyland.

Here's a picture from Sea World. This is more of an attempt to figure out this blog stuff. Now I know how to upload pictures so will make sure an upload some of the better ones.

I get federally activated one week from today. That means we'll start reporting to Camp Williams to train with our weapons, my new mistress. Her name is Whiskey237. I may have to think of something more romantic, but for now, that's my M-4's name.

We leave for Mississippi on June 9 and will be there for 8 weeks or so. Right in time for hurricane season. I'm looking forward to sweating off 20 lbs or so. Not looking forward to living in tents but they say it's to get us ready for Afghanistan.

I'll try and keep these posts informative and useful, but realize it's more for me and my family so pick through what you want and ignore the rest.

Have a great day.