Friday, February 16, 2007

Continuing Saga of My Trip to Qatar

I’ve been here at BAF for the last three days. No flights going out. However, I’m told that today is the day. We’ll see. OK, I’m pretty sure that we’re going out but still, it’s now a waiting game.
So what’s been happening the last three days? Not a lot. I’ve been to the gym. I’ve been to DQ. I’ve been to the bazaar and the PX. I’ve taken naps.

The MWR computer and phone labs are always busy. You only get 15 minutes on the phone and it’s amazing how fast that time goes by. I was only able to call home once and while it was great, it still went by way too fast. Thirty minutes on the computer also goes by awfully fast as well.
The weather yesterday was beautiful. It was easily in the mid-50’s. I sat outside yesterday afternoon writing letters in the sunshine. My face actually got a little pink. Today it should be just as beautiful so I’m not worried about flights getting delayed due to weather.
Anyway, not a lot to report on my "pass" to Qatar. I’m sure I’ll have more to write tomorrow once I get there.

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