Sunday, August 27, 2006

Newly Edited: Now for the funny version of our LDS meeting...

For those of you who have already read this, I am editing it as I forgot one important point. So read on and you'll see.

Before Aaron beats me to it, I'll share this experience. Be sure to log onto his blog to read his version. I'm sure it will be entertaining.

Because we had to have all our gear packed and ready to go, I needed to get to the PX to get a few things that I wouldn't be able to get at Camp Blackhorse. They don't have a PX. The only time I had was right before church.

So, I was in line at the PX looking at my watch. I had minutes to spare but as I walked outside, realized that I had left my glasses so had to go back. I now had one minute to spare so I was hoofing it to get to the chapel.

I walked in just as they were getting ready to start.

Someone asked for a piano player. I was the only one. So there I was, walking up the aisle to the front of the chapel with my plastic PX bag, full of junk food and other necessities, swishing by my side. I'm sure it looked so very spiritual and dignified.

Now, here's the part that I forgot in the original version of this story - I was in my PT gear, you know black shorts, grey t-shirt, running shoes. So, not only was I late, walking down the aisle with my bag of junk food, I was not really dressed for church. Of course we do show up to church in PT gear as it's an authorized uniform, I just thought it added the final bit of humor to the whole situation.

Well I sat down and opened up the hymnbook. I couldn't see anything. My near eyesight when I wear my contacts has been getting progressively worse to the point that I have to have reading glasses to see anything. I mentioned that fact and the group leader gave me his bifocals. They didn't work. I had to take them off to play. I haven't played the piano in months so was pretty rusty. The hymn chosen was Come, Come Ye Saints. I knew I was in trouble with that one, especially the last verse. Well I struggled through it, not being able to read the music very well.

(Insert small, non-humuorous thought)

I'm glad that I can't sing and play at the same time. As we sang the last verse, you now the words, And should we die, before our journey's through..." I thought I might lose it. We had just sent a third of our command down range to one of the most hostile, dangerous areas of the country. As we wished them farewell earlier that afternoon, all our thoughts were on the same thing, just come back alive. Well what a song to sing after having to go through those goodbyes.

Anyway, as we prepared to sing the sacrament song, one of my old buddies gave me his reading glasses. That did the trick. I could now see. It so sucks to be old.

As I said, Aaron may post something about my sacriligous act of bringing a shopping bag into church so I had to get my version posted first.

Here are the pictures, finally. They were e-mailed to me. I'm obviously not the only one in PT clothes, but I was the only one walking in late with a plastic bag swishing at his side.

From left to right....

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