Sunday, August 27, 2006

Plagarism is a great thing...

I'm going to unabashedly copy and paste one of Aaron's entries into my blog. Janae is printing these out and keeping them and since we both had the same experience and I would have told it essentially the same way, I'm going to let Aaron tell it:

Maverick and Goose, by SGT Aaron

"The other day, my battle buddy LTC Church and I went on our first real convoy in a combat zone. We were in the last vehicle and I got to be in the gunner's hatch. I felt pretty cool, but I am sure that feeling will go away very soon. Anyway, we got back to camp without incident. LTC Church and I had to walk across the camp to get back to our tents. We were walking side by side with our full "battle rattle" with our helmets in our hands. The sun was behind us so we could see our shadows in front of us as we were walking. After about a minute, I thought of that scene in Top Gun when Maverick and Goose got out of their F-14 Tomcat fighter jet and walked in slow motion off the runway. It was a cool scene, I mean, those guys were studs! Well, that is what I thought we looked like. You know, hardened warriors getting back from battle walking back into the safe zone with all their cool equipment on. Then I said to LTC Church.. "Hey, you know that scene in Top Gun when Maverick and Goose are walking off the runway with their helmets in their hands and they looked so tuff.. well, I feel like that now". Then he turned to me and said, "You know Aaron (he left out the other part of my name "El mejor hombre en todo el mundo", but I forgave him)... That is exactly what I was thinking too!!" I thought that was cool, that we were both on the same wave length. That only happens to me with people to whom I am very close to. So, we just laughed.. then we spent the rest of the walk to the tents arguing who was going to be Maverick and how would be Goose. We finally settled on that he would get to be Maverick but I would be Ice Man. Nobody was going to be Goose. Not because he wasn't cool or anything, but he bit the dust halfway through the movie, and that is bad "ju-ju". So I get to be Ice Man. I mean, Church is a Lieutenant Colonel for Pete’s sake, if the man wants to be Maverick he can! GOSH!!"

Now let me just say that I don't get to be Maverick just because I'm a Lieutant Colonel. I get to be Maverick because I so much better looking than young Aaron.

You can read Aaron's entry first hand in his blog at:


Anonymous said...

Being SGT Aaron's wife I have to debate who is the better looking one. After all I am much more of an Ice Man kind of girl over Maverick anyday.

Adam said...

I dont know. Ive known Aaron a while now and I have concluded that a man Ive never met might be better looking than Aaron.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bob for the reminder. As I read your post it made me realize what a blessing it is to be members of the church and to have the gospel. It is pretty easy to sit here in our nice chapels and "suffer"through the meetings. Thanks for the reminder of what is really important. We miss and love you. Matt

BOB said...

What about Bob?
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