Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Learn From My Mistake

For the last several weeks I've kept having this nagging thought that I needed to back up all the pictures I've taken on this deployment. Did I listen to that little nagging voice? Of course not. Then I thought, "when I'm home on leave I'll buy an external hard drive so that I can back up my pictures." What a great thought, don't you think?

Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to do that.

Last night my hard drive died a swift and bitter death. My IT guys are telling me that they do not have the capabilities of salvaging anything from the drive.

If I were not going on leave in the very near future I'd be much more despondant. As it is, the prospect of leave is the only thing keeping me from slitting my wrists. OK, not really but you know what I mean.

So now I am in the process of contacting anyone and everyone I can think of who might have taken roughly the same pictures I did.


From now on, I'm backing up all my photos. Do the same!!


Anonymous said...

I have copies of everything you posted...bring the drive back and let our guys have a look see.


Anonymous said...

Be sure to take that old dead hard drive home with you. There will certainly be some place that can recover the files from it -- unless it has been used for target practice.

Iceman Dad

Adam said...

i'll secondd that. Send the hard drive back and have it worked on in the valley. There are a few great places to have it taken.