Thursday, May 03, 2007

Man Jammies

A traditional style of clothing of the men are what we call "man jammies." I have no idea what they're called in Dari so "man jammies" they are. The consist of a long flowing shirt, just like a night shirt and a pair of draw string pants, exactly like MC Hammer pants - remember those?
Anyway, COL Khaliq presented Scott and I with a pair as a gift. He got white and I got black. I joked with him that at least they got the colors of our personalities right!!
As you can see, the pants are about as wide as they are long. I asked why they were so wide and the only answer I got was "that was just the way they were." Needless to say you have an incredible amount of material tied around your waist.
But they are quite comfortable or at least they seem like they will be. I haven't actually worn mine but just trying them on I could tell that they'd be comfortable.
So there you have it, me and my man jammies.


DeAnna said...

Those pants look like they could fit 2 more of you in them.

Anonymous said...

I think you could fit a whole platoon in them. However, in all fairness, from my business travel days I think those clothes are made from really cool and comfortable material.

Good luck during your tour there!