Tuesday, May 22, 2007

TJAG of the Army Visit

Remember a couple of months ago how the Navy's top JAG visited us here in Afghanistan? Well the Army's top JAG was here for a visit. MG Scott Black came to visit. He's a very warm, caring individual. He "scared" me when he said that he's heard about me and the success we're having here. I think that my friend, COL Diner, who works in Kabul must have said something to him. I hope that's the case. I would hate to think I've come to his attention some other way. He then made me even more nervous when we said goodbye and he said he'd be seeing me again. I hope it's just my over-active imagination working.

Several of us were able to travel to Kabul to the ISAF - the international coalition compound - for lunch and to meet him. It was great.

We were able to talk about the success we've been having here, tell him our "war" stories, impress upon him the importance of this mission and brag about ourselves.

Last week Dusty - my JAG down range - had a huge success with one of his trials. I was able to tell the General all about Dusty's accomplishments. I'll post his story in my next entry.

However, unlike the Navy JAG, no coins were forthcoming. Oh well.

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Anonymous said...

COL Diner ... gave an MSM to a first-term CPT whose father was a general officer and whose mother brought cookies to him EVERY week (rain or shine). That was the only CPT not in the zone for promotion that received an MSM from him.