Friday, September 15, 2006

Just how small my world is...

Out of curiosity today, I decided to count the number of steps it is from my room to my office. One hundred two. That’s it. I leave my room and 102 steps later, I’m in my office.

From my room to the chow-hall it’s a meager 136 steps. And if I continue on past the chow hall, it’s another 30 steps to the gym for a total of 166 steps from my room to the furthest point in camp I normally travel. Granted there are further points on camp that I go on occasion, but the majority of my day is spent within 166 steps from start to finish. The other offices that I interact with are within that 166 step bubble.

I bet your world doesn’t seem so small anymore?

1 comment:

Andrew said...

Holy Moses!

You really need to pick up a hobby. Counting steps seems a little "disturbing."

Maybe I'll try it. was actually quite fun. 50 steps exactly for a round trip between the computer to the fridge. I suppose going down stairs to the food storage would be atleast 130 steps. On Saturday, I'll count the number of steps to the mailbox and the shed.

I'm starting to appreciate just how small your world is. Not bad.