Monday, September 11, 2006

United Flight 93

To end the day where we honored and commemorated the events of 9-11, United Flight 93 was shown. I had mixed emotions about watching the movie. I’m glad I did. I wish I hadn’t. I’m not a man to curse or drop the “f” bomb and it’s probably my exposure to the language of the military, but my first thought as the movie ended was “those f’ing bastards.” I know. I shouldn’t use that kind of language and I hope you’ll forgive me, but that was my gut reaction.

Most of that reaction was due to what these misguided men did. Part of it was that they would do it in the name of God. My limited knowledge of Islam has taught me that this is not in accordance with true Islamic teachings. But like so many other religions, and I’m not excluding any, men will twist and distort the truth to satisfy their own desires. Bastards!

As I watched the events of that day 5 years ago unfold, I was transfixed by the normalcy of the day. People going to work, people getting on planes, people going about their every day business, and yet, this day would live in infamy. Ordinary people would become extraordinary due to the circumstances they were placed in. Who would have guessed? I thought of all the times that I’ve gotten on a plane to go somewhere, not expecting anything out of the ordinary. What I liked about the movie is that there was not a single actor of note. They all appeared to be ordinary citizens. I think that’s what made it so real.

I was afraid that if I watched the movie I would come out hating the people with whom I am responsible for working with. And I did. But I don’t.

I did because of what this place used to be, a terrorist training camp. I did because whether or not the men I’ve come to know were really here, they are now and they were guilty by association.

But I don’t because there are some good men that I’m working with. I know these men truly want to see their country move forward towards a democratic society.

What the movie did do, ironically, was confirm more than ever why we are here. We are here to fight terrorism!! If we leave now, the terrorists will win. If you have been watching the news, you know that the violence has increased. Am I scared? Of course. Do I still feel the comforting spirit of the Lord? Absolutely!! Do we have to defeat the Taliban and Al Qaeda and the other terrorists? Without a doubt!! I am now more dedicated than ever to do my best to help these people overcome the disease that plagues their country. We can do it. I know we can but it will take one step at a time. With the Lord’s help we can do it.

Should you watch the movie? That’s for you to decide. Was it well done? Yes. Was the language rough? Yes. But it was real. Someday I will have my sons watch it so we can talk about why their father had to leave them for a year and I hope they will understand.

As I wrote in an earlier posting, please pray for these people. Pray that good men will come to power who will be able to lead this country into an age of peace and democracy. Pray that the evil men will be defeated. Pray that their souls will rot in hell. OK, don’t pray for that…but…

In the end, today was a very emotionally moving, draining day. It’s a day I won’t soon forget.

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Anonymous said...

Great 9/11 posts... I did enjoy the movie.

My review of it is here: United 93 Review

Keep up the good work over there...