Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bob's "Spacious" Living Accomodations

Now that we've seen the outside of Bob's room, let's take a look inside.

As soon as you step into his commodious accomodations, you see his desk on the right. As you move your gaze a few inches to the left, there's his closet.

Move your eyes just a blink, again to the left, is his "comfy" bed.

Now as you turn around, you can see the end of his bed where there's a small fridge and microwave on a stand that he sort of built himself. Notice the countdown calendar. He swore he would never count down the days but he's getting too excited to come home on leave.

One more blink to the left and there's the door and the starting point of our tour.

The pictures don't really show it very well, since I didn't take pictures of the floor, but there's only about two feet of space (OK, maybe a little bit more, but not much) between the desk and the bed.

Like I said, "spacious" and "commodious" but it's mine, all mine!!! Ha, ha, ha,!!!

1 comment:

Bruce said...

looks like Deseret Towers 1983!