Thursday, April 19, 2007

Unique Cleaning Practice

We have a team of local nationals that clean our barracks building. They do a great job, by the way. But every morning I see one of them walking down the hall with a spray bottle spraying the floor. At first I thought it was some kind of cleaner or pre-treatment stuff. I just recently found out it was water. Since they don’t speak English I have never asked what it is they’re doing. I never asked Wais as I never really gave it much thought other than when I would see them spraying water.

After the water was sprayed one would come through with a broom. You would then see dirty smear marks down the hallway. Again my confusion mounted as I couldn’t figure out why you would spray liquid on a dirty floor only to sweep then follow up with a mop.

Well I found out my answer.

I was at the Ministry of Defense building one day and saw the same thing, only this time on the carpet - yes, spraying liquid on the carpet. That really threw me for a loop. Spraying liquid on the carpet then sweeping. All I could think of was that water soaking into the dirty carpet and making it even dirtier. Well Wais was with me at that time so I asked him.

Anyone figured it out yet? It’s to keep the dust down while they sweep. Go figure.

Spray water on the floor or carpet and you get less dust when you sweep. I can see a sort of logic in that argument. I mean there is dust everywhere. Now that winter and spring are over everything is getting dry and dusty. I guess you need to do whatever you can to keep the dust down.

I’m still not convinced that spraying water on the carpet is the answer but then I’m not Afghan so I guess my opinion really doesn’t matter.

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Trooper's wife said...

This totally had me captivated. And now I'm still laughing really hard. I guess it has some logic when you think a different way. I'm glad you added this, as there are some who don't pay attention to little details and this is really unique.