Sunday, April 15, 2007

A New Driver

Janae e-mailed me with the news that we have a new driver in the house. Luke got his learner’s permit last week. She was so proud of him as he passed the test the first time. The only reason I say that is while she was waiting for him she talked with another mom who was there with her son. Apparently this cocky son only did the on-line exams and did not read or study the book. When he failed the test his mom was secretly glad as now he had to read and study the book. Janae said you could tell that he seemed like one of those “know-it-all” teenagers who needed a dose of reality. Anyway, way to go Luke!!

Janae’s getting him enrolled in driver’s ed this summer. She had him enrolled in a class at Timpanogos but then discovered that he would miss Youth Conference if he stayed in the class. We were thrilled when he told Janae that he didn’t want to miss Youth Conference and could they see about getting him into a class at Orem High. I think I was more proud of him for that fact than getting his permit. Our kids truly amaze us sometimes.

Now Janae gets the “privilege” of teaching him the preliminaries of driving. I guess they’ve had one successful lesson in a parking lot. Janae reports that he’s doing a good job and seems to be a careful driver. I’m sure I’ll get the chance to drive with him when I’m home and you know what, I can’t wait!!!

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janae said...

Luke drove me home from church today and did a great job. He asked when we would practice freeway driving, I told him that would happen when his dad was home on leave.