Saturday, July 07, 2007

Father's Day Gift - Our Savior's Love

I meant to post this picture right after I got back from leave but as you can tell I didn’t. For Father’s Day Janae gave me this picture. Isn’t it great? When I opened it and saw what it was I got all choked up. There was something about the look of sadness in the Savior’s eyes that really got to me. It expressed His sadness over the mistakes we’ve all made since being here, sadness for us having to be here, sadness for the atrocities that His brothers inflict on each other, sadness at the fact that families have to be separated from each other, sadness over the pain and anguish that we as soldiers feel. So many things.
But then there’s comfort in His embrace. I hope we’ve all experienced that comfort. I know I have on many occasions since being here and anticipate needing the comfort of His embrace for a little while longer, oh say, the rest of my life!
I immediately put it in a frame and placed it next to the statue of a soldier that Janae’s mom, Donna, gave her right before I deployed.

Isn’t it a great picture?!


twoxthefun said...

What an awesome picture!!!!

A close friend of my hubby's just received orders to the country you are currently deployed.

It was quite a shock since he's active duty Navy.

Also, I enjoy reading your posts.

Rejenia said...

Totally great picture! That's why I can say to service members with all confidence that I surround all of you and your families with my prayers, because of my confidence in the Savior's embrace.

Well stated, brother, well felt.

janae said...

Jean Keaton is the artist that created this picture. I fell in love with it when I first saw it!

Janae said...

Some have asked where to get this print. You can order it at It's under The Peace Series.

Anonymous said...

One of the Southern Utah wives gave the rest of the SU wives a framed copy in January. We were at the Pasta Factory trying to be big and brave. Our oldest daughter won't look at it. She may when Trooper comes home. The other two think of Trooper's letters and believe that is how it is over there. The youngest feels that comfort. It is so wonderful that we know some things about life.
Trooper's wife