Saturday, July 28, 2007

Monkey Butt

As many of you know, in hot climates where you get a little damp and sticky in certain places that we don't discuss in public or at least "civilized" people don't discuss such subjects, there are powdery products out there designed to keep you nice and dry and rash free. Such powdery substances come in various names, "baby powder," "medicated powder" and now "Monkey Butt Powder." Someone sent this to one of the guys in our office and as you can imagine, us not being very civilized, we have gotten some mileage out of this product.

So in my continuing effort to chronicle my "adventures" here, you are now all official members in the Monkey Butt Powder club.

Nope. No monkey butt down there!

I told you I wasn't civilized!!


DeAnna said...

OK......this was "fall-out-of-my-chair" funny!

Becca said...

I know someone (who will remain nameless) who could have used that bottle of monkey butt during a rather unfortunate experience that left him waddling for a few days after. Thanks for making us laugh! And just to protect his dignity, I will say that it was not Craig--but that would have made my story funnier!

Becca said...

I forgot to mention that that unfortunate experience was at Disneyland and in case you were wondering, the nameless individual had to go to the "mother's lounge" to purchase Desitin and then proceed to ask where the nearest bathroom was!

Sandra said...

I searched on monkey butt and there you were.