Monday, July 02, 2007

Next Month!!!

Wow!!! I can finally say that we’ll be home for good next month. I never thought this time in our deployment would come. For those of you who don’t have all the details of when we’re coming home and what we’ll be doing, let me fill you in.

We leave here sometime around the middle of August. We fly north and will spend a small amount of time preparing to leave the region. We will then fly in the general direction of the United States, landing in Mississippi after the middle of the month. We will out-process at Camp “Hotter than Hell and Even More Humid” Shelby for a day or days or even more days. We will then fly home to Utah on whatever day that actually ends up being and after an alleged 48 hour pass we'll out process in Utah. After that, most of us will return to being full-time civilians.

How’s that for details?

OK, I can’t give you dates as the only sure date (at least for now it’s a sure date) that we know is the date we leave Afghanistan. But of course I can’t tell you that date for security reasons. You’ll have to get that from your loved one.

Regardless, we come home next month and I know I speak for all of us here, I cannot wait!!!


Anonymous said...

Great News Brother, a old biker saying is watch your back side and keep alert at all times...time is short !!

Andrew said...

Here is an article featuring a quote by George Graff. I'm sure this is old news for you guys.


Rejenia said...

Happy Fourth!! Bet the smile on your face is driving everyone crazy. Hope they see just as a big smile in their mirror.

Anonymous said...

can't agree more with anonymous...Head on a swivel and attention to detail when time is short. We are SO happy to be So close to that happy day when you folks walk off the plane.

Anonymous said...

Hey, watch what you say about camp "hotter then hell and even more humid." We have to live here. Well we really do not HAVE to live here but we were called to live here so therefore we chose to come here. Yours is a good discription of the area. Hell discribes many aspects of the area.
Icemom & Icedad

Anonymous said...

We will have our boots on the ground at Camp Shelby also. That is, hopefully when you get there so we can meet you too. We plan on helping the Ssgt Aaron's debrief. We are excited to maybe get to meet you and your team that when with you a year ago. We really enjoy your blog.
Icemom & Icedad