Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kandahar - The Pictures

Thanks to MAJ Satriano and LCDR Steve Parks (the PAO - public affairs officer in Kandahar) for several of the pictures.

Nick and I on the plane to Kandahar.
Welcome to Kandahar.

First day of class.

Nick, Azim, Paul, Nadir, Me

Didn't I do a good job on the certificates?
The nearly completed court house.

The "under construction" detention facility.
Me and Superman at the construction site.

The construction workers having lunch.

Young Afghan construction worker.

Lunch of kabobs, meatballs, rice, fruit, bread and pudding after the last day of class.

The Warrior, asleep, holding onto his belovedM4.

Scenes from the "boardwalk."

The Taliban "last stand" - the last building they occupied.
Looking inside.

Bullet holes in the mortar.

It's now the passenger terminal for military flights out of Kandahar.

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Andrew said...

I thought the floral center piece added a nice touch for a wartime luncheon.