Friday, March 02, 2007

Birthday Bashing

While most of my friends sent me kind, nice cards for my birthday with words of well wishes and love, what does my family send me? Jibes at my age.

I know my birthday was over a month ago but I never got around to writing about the cards that my brother Chris and his family sent me. As I was cleaning my room today I came across their stack of cards and remembered that I wanted to share them with you in an attempt to elicit some sympathy. (OK, I know that I will be getting nothing but similar comments for posting this but I loved the cards and wanted to preserve them in some way.) (Oh, never mind that the cards came late!!! I’m just glad they did.)

LoraLynn was kind. Her card said that every year I keep getting better and better. However, she did send a big button that says “Aged to Perfection” and I have to take a picture wearing it. OK LoraLynn, here it is. Satisfied?

Keri, my sister-in-law, sent me a card with new eye brows, implying that with all the candles on my cake, blowing them out would burn them off. Very funny! Not!!

Chris sent me a card with a dog with the big bug-eyes on it. His message on the inside said that since I’m closer to the international date line I’m somehow older than everyone else. Who thinks of this stuff?

Jacob wanted to send me a new car but couldn’t afford it so instead, he sent me a “new car scent” air freshener. He was then quite honest and said that if I didn’t need the air freshener he could use it for his shoes. Honest kid!!

John’s card said that he loved old people and that I was one of them. Snot!!

They sent me several transformer cards so that I could have some new super heroes. They’re so thoughtful.

Then there was Katie’s card. It was laugh out loud funny and had no applicability to me in anyway shape or form. Her card said,

“Just in time for your birthday…The Top Ten party games for the Chronologically Challenged.”

10. Bobbing for dentures.
9. Guess my prescription.
8. Musical Walkers.
7. Strip Bingo (Also known as Scare the Neighbor’s Dog).
6. Twenty incoherent questions.
5. Whack the piƱata teenager.
4. Who passed the gas?
3. Pin the enema on the donkey.
2. Spin the prune juice.
1. Who can stay up past 9:30?

You have to see the drawings that go with them as they add that final touch but I didn’t want to scan them so you’ll just have to take my word for it that they’re hilarious.

Since none of those games remotely apply to me or my age I was able to laugh at those of you who it might apply to. Anyway, now I can put away the cards and check this “to-do” item off my list.
Oh, I got a card from the "marathon 3" that had a button on it as well so here's the picture with that one. Sorry that the flash made it so you can't read it but it's a duck driving a race car that says "Thuperstar!"
One last thing, the flag is in my office. I flew it on Veteran's Day.
OK, one last thing, my tan is fading. Don't you all feel sorry for me?!


Merleen said...

No, I don't feel sorry for you. Wait until you are really old and skin cancer shows up.

Old? You're not old. Chuck has neckties older than you.

Luv ya.

LoraLynn said...

yup! I'm perfectly happy now! it made my day actually. See but whats more fun for me isn't thinking about when I'm as old as's how old you'll be when I'm that old!!

Luv ya Uncle Bob.

DeAnna said...

I have an answer to "Who can stay up past 9:30?".........NOT YOU!!!!!!!

Luv ya Bobert

Katie said...

Hey now

You gotta admit it was a funny card!

I suppose I could have saved it for a few years in advance


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for sharing the 'Top Ten Party Games'! We gave that same card to a friend last week(who also enjoyed it)! Then over the weekend we were telling some other family members about and couldn't remember the whole list.

And you are right; the pictures add so much to the whole experience.

Thank you so much for serving!

Anonymous said...

I did a search for an answer to a bingo question on netscape and found this blog, and this rediculous Mecca bingo song/video...Brace yourselves!.
Bingo Video. First I discovered Berryz and C-ute and Mesume, now this super huge chic group...What next!