Monday, March 26, 2007

Hit and Run

I don’t know what it is about ANA soldiers but they will not get out of the road when a vehicle, any vehicle is driving down the road towards them. This is a phenomenon that none of us understand. A convoy of humvees will be coming towards a group and they don’t get out of the way. That same convoy can be coming towards an individual and he doesn’t get out of the way. The same with a truck. It doesn’t matter what the vehicle is they will not move out of the way.

Case in point. Merrill, Wais and I were coming back from the terp chow hall. A truck driving by the ANA stopped right in the middle of the road, bad enough, but then a whole gaggle of soldiers gathered in the road around the truck. I honked the horn several times to no avail. Finally I pulled around the right hand side of the vehicle. Did anyone move? Of course not but I needed to get back to Blackhorse so I “pushed” my way through the crowd. Did anyone move then? No. Well as I kept driving my left side mirror hit one of the ANA soldiers causing him to spin around. Granted it wasn’t very hard but he had the nerve to give me the look of “what the heck did you just do?” Wais called him an idiot. I had to agree.
Here's a picture of what I'm talking about, although these soldiers did move over, but you get the idea.

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