Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mohammad's Birthday

Today (March 31, 2007) was a national holiday celebrating the Holy Prophet Mohammad’s birthday. Interestingly enough it’s also the day of his death. Consequently the ANA took the day off so it gave me a chance to work on a few projects that needed attention.

I know I should know more about the culture and religion but I don’t – baaaad American Soldier!! Anyway, what I found interesting was a comment that Wais made at breakfast. He said that since it was the day of his birth as well as his death that the mood of the day was neutral. For some reason I found that really interesting. I asked if that meant that nobody celebrated but he said it just meant that no one was happy or sad, it was just a day of celebration. I’m still not sure if I get it but that’s what he said.

So in honor of Mohammad, Happy Birthday!!


jjvsnk said...

Well, this is my third attempt at leaving a message as I never can figure it out. Just read your blog about the celebration and who needs a reason, right. Hope you can listen to confernece. Kay at the Court.

jjvsnk said...

Conference, sorry

Adam said...

I wonder if it could be compared to how Christians "celebrate" the birth (Christmas)and the death and resurrection (Easter) of Jesus Christ. Im not sure if there is any perceived atonement on the part of Mohammad; I think the comparison in the way both men are revered is valid.