Sunday, March 11, 2007

Utah Weather

Not only do the mountains remind me of home but so does the weather. Several days ago (OK, it was actually almost two weeks ago – I wrote this last week but never posted it) the KBR guys, the guys who run the kitchen and cook for us, had a barbecue outside in the warm sunshine. They were grilling hamburgers, braats, polish sausages and chicken. They had all the works to go along with them. There was music playing and because someone was leaving, the chef made this delicious chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting.

Then it snowed. We woke up to a heavy snowfall that was fast accumulating. It finally stopped after lunch and by evening had all melted but we had snow. Then it did it again the next day. Same thing; heavy snow in the morning melted by the afternoon.

And today? Bright, warm, beautiful sunshine.

Just like Utah in spring.

A footnote to this entry. I was telling Janae about the weather and commented that it was Utah weather. She correctly corrected me and said that it was normal, typical weather for these kinds of climates. I guess she’s right but it’s more “home” if I call it Utah weather.

Another footnote: the pattern has continued. Warm sunny days that turn into cold, snowy ones. Today it rained, then snowed, then rained again. A day to stay indoors and wish that your office had a heater. After I lost all feeling in my toes I finally abandoned my office and took my work to my room where I cranked up the heat and drank Stephen’s Gourmet Mint Hot Chocolate that Janae had sent me. It was delicious!!

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