Thursday, August 09, 2007


There is a new phrase in our office, actually there are several new phrases, some of which are not able to be shared on this “family friendly” blog. Although, if I did share it it would only reinforce the assumption that many people have out there that I’m truly a heathen. But since I want to continue to keep you guessing as to my true nature, I won’t share one of those phrases.

Rather, let me share with you, one of the “arguably” greatest terms in the English language. I know there will be others out there who disagree but “arguably” speaking, no one can deny the power of this term.

Did you know that Thanksgiving is “arguably” the finest of the holidays?

Did you know that “arguably” the greatest part of cheese, “is the cuttin’ of it? (A Bodie quote.)

Zeb is “arguably” the most anti-monky man in the world.

Blue gel pens are “arguably” the finest pens there are.

And the list could go on…

But let me finish by saying that my family is “arguably” the greatest family ever.

And that’s “arguably” the final word on this topic.


DeAnna said...

I'm not guessing that you are a heathen....I know it!!! Arguably!!

Scott Delius said...

HOOAH sir. You are going home soon! Keep safe and drop me a line when you can. CPT Delius

Anonymous said...

Inextricable impregnation, that is what the Uniball 207 ink does to the paper fibers it rolls over as you write. It foils all attempts at altering documents such as checks, wills, etc. Thus, making it, arguably, the best pen in the world, blue, or otherwise. Iceman's vision of maternal greetings on the tarmac are quite likely


Anonymous said...

WOW! Just when you think its safe to forge a check...Dad spoils the fun. Thats like 5 syllables!