Thursday, August 09, 2007

Family Reunion

This morning the rest of the “family” that is flying out of KAIA arrived via Chinook. The Kandahar folks will be flying directly from Kandahar. Since the landing field is near my office I got a perfect view of the choppers flying in as well as taste the dust they kicked up.

Since they got here right before chow there was a lot of hugs and hand shaking that took place at lunch. It was great to see everyone.

Up to this point the fact that we leave in a dwindling number of single digit days hasn’t really hit but seeing all our guys in the chow hall and then later, wandering around camp has helped bring that reality home.

The other bit of good news was that if everything goes well I may be walking through my front door in approximately two weeks. Again, no firm dates, but things are starting to solidify.

SGT Aaron is back from Camp Dubbs so it’s been great to see him. Dusty has graced our office this afternoon with his soprano Spanish as well as dug right in and helped us out. Like the heading of this entry, it’s been one big family reunion.

Just can’t wait until I’m reunited with my actual family!!


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