Saturday, August 11, 2007

Eagle Scout

Luke is now an Eagle Scout!! Congratulations Luke!! He met with the board on Thursday night and after “hours and hours” of grueling questions, he was awarding Scouting’s prestigious honor. We now have to wait for the paperwork to come from the Scouting Office before we can hold his Court of Honor but hopefully that will come quickly.

As you may recall, he did his Eagle Project collecting school and humanitarian supplies, made hygiene kits, collected toys, clothes, backpacks and other great things for the kids. He organized the Scouts and they collected items from all over our area. Janae can give you the exact number but they easily sent over 60 boxes of supplies over here. For a month or so the guys at the Post Office “hated” me because I received so many boxes.

His donations were distributed in two different missions. I’ll post some pictures from both. I know that lots of kids were benefited by his efforts as well as the efforts of all those who donated.

Thanks Luke and Congratulations!!

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Haole Wahine said...

Congratulations Luke. A worthy purpose, indeed.

Be sure and post pictures from Court of Honor---perhaps with all family members.