Friday, August 10, 2007

The Last Steak and Seafood Night

As many of you know, Friday night is steak and seafood night. The steaks are always grilled over charcoal. Whether it was here or at Blackhorse, around 2:30 - 3:00 in the afternoon you could smell the charcoal being fired up. Then about an hour or so later you could smell the tantalizing smell of grilling steaks.

And then there was always seafood. Most nights it was crab legs, as many as you could eat. I'm not a huge crab fan, mostly because I hate getting the meat out. For some reason the military does not provide the cool utensils you'd get at a true seafood restaurant that facilitates the eating of crab legs. Oh well.

Other nights, it's fried shrimp and since I am not a fan of fried seafood - harkens back to a night of gorging oneself on fried seafood in Myrtle Beach, SC on vacation many, many years ago with the family and then waking up aroud 0300 to puke it all back up. Yummy thought! Anyway, I always pass on the fried shrimp.

And then there are the lobster tail nights. Those are the best. They're not huge lobster tails but you can have as many as you want. And the garlic, melted butter is the added bonus. Well I was hoping and "praying" that tonight would be lobster tail and because I've been such a good boy, it was lobster tail night. I ate four of them along with my steak and chased it all down with mint chocolate chip ice cream. I was a very good boy!!!

So now I'm off to the gym to spend an hour on the elliptical in an effort to work off the few hundred calories I just consumed.

And for those of you who don't think it's fair or right or whatever that we get to eat lobster over here, just remember, I had to come to freakin' Afghanistan, in a war zone just to eat lobster. So I don't want to see any comments about us eating lobster or crab legs or steak as I would have gladly sacrificed all the lobster, crab and steak that I ate this year to have eaten macaroni and cheese with my family back home.

Oh, new phrase going around the office that fits the first part of this entry...

"I'm depressed cuz I'm fat."

"I eat when I'm depressed."

"I need more chocolate sauce."

Of course you have to say it your most sorry, pitiful voice.

This is dedicated to D-Cup!


Adam said...

Lobster tails are arguably better than crab legs!

janae said...

We've only eaten Macaroni and Cheese about twice while you've been gone, but since you seem to want it so badly, I'll have to fix it a lot when you get home from deployment.