Thursday, August 02, 2007

Barney Bet

In our office there is a new kind of bet. It’s called the “Barney Bet.” I can’t remember all the details of how it came about and frankly, it’s not that important. What is is the seriousness of making a “Barney Bet.” You only want to make the “Barney Bet” if you are absolutely certain you are going to prevail. For if you lose a “Barney Bet” you must sing, in a loud voice, the following song to the tune of Barney’s “I love you, you love me” song:

You were right,
I was wrong,
Now I sing the Barney Song,
Cuz you were right,
And I was wrong,
Now I’ve sung the Barney Song.

As I mentioned in the previous post, SGT Bodie lost a “Barney Bet” so had to sing the Barney song in the bunker. It helped relieve the tension.

We have even talked about upping the ante a little. Now that we’re all used to the Barney song in our office – OK it hasn’t been sung all that much - we may decide that the loser of such a bet must sing the song in the DFAC – chow hall. We haven’t received unanimous support for that proposition yet but we’ll see.

You can bet that if that becomes the punishment I won’t be entering any “Barney Bets” in the near future!!! In fact, SGT Bodie just pointed out that I have yet to enter into a Barney Bet. I wonder why?!

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janae said...

You should continue that tradition in your office when you get home from deployment. Make sure you invite a lot of people to come and visit when someone is going to sing the song. Maybe we should start that at home as well.