Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Phoenix to KAIA

The first leg of our journey home has been completed. This morning we were tranported to KAIA (Kabul Afghanistan International Airport). Because there are so many of us we had to do it in two movements. The first group went met 0830 and my group met an hour later. We actually didn't leave Phoenix until after 1000 but that's OK because we were at least moving towards home.

There's only been one other time when I've been nervous about driving here in Afghanistan; last winter driving through downtown Kabul in a Toyota Landcruiser and today. We were moved in the back of open 5-ton trucks. A couple of things combined to make me nervous, the primary one being the suicide bomber of two weeks ago and that today was my last movement on the ground. The thought was, "I'm on my way home, please don't let anything bad happen." Thankfully we made it alright.

Now begins the waiting. Our 1300 flight was of course bumped to 2045 tonight. In someone's infinite wisdom we have to go into lockdown at 1700 but of course chow is not served until 1715. Someone wasn't thinking. That means that those of us who want to eat will have to get something from the Air Force One cafe and take it down to the tent. I'm not complaining, too much, because again, we're moving towards home.

We found out this morning that our flight out of Manas has been moved to the right two days which will delay us getting home by a day or so. We're hoping that things will go fast and smooth at Shelby so that we can make up for the two days but we'll see.

I'll post pictures later because I don't have the cable to my camera right now so check back for movement pictures.


Anonymous said...

Wow--I'm glad I didn't join the Air Force--what a bunch of wimps!

Anonymous said...

Could you give Ssgt Aaron your email address so I can contact your sweet wife and find out where she found that picture of Christ and the Soldier. That picture also means a lot to us as missionaries on a military mission.
Thank you. We will see you in a couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Time to change email accounts huh?!


see ya's soon!

Anonymous said...

Tks. Bought two. One for us and one for SLC, Military Relations Department. The title of the picture is "Let Nnt Your Heart Be Troubled." How fitting.
Icemom and Icedad

Anonymous said...

I am looking for any contacts with the JAG offices in Phionex or Eggers and for the life of me can not find anything like a "contact" on Google. If you would be so kind to email me at mcgs_sdc@yahoo.com I would greatly appreciate any contacts you could give. Thanks so much