Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Eve - A Time to Serve

Just prior to our Christmas Eve service last night, we had quite the excitement here in camp. I wasn’t directly involved and won’t have all the details, yet, but let me share with you an opportunity several of our soldiers had to serve.

A unit that was heading back to Camp Cobra was passing by our front gate. They noticed that a car was overturned by the side of the road. As they stopped to render aid, they noticed that there were two men lying in the stream. In fact, I think the car was upside down in the stream, but don’t quote me on that. Unfortunately two men had died from their injuries but two were still alive.

Our soldiers rose to the occasion, rushed them to our medical clinic here on base. Our medical folks did a great job treating their wounds, getting them warm and meeting their medical needs. Since the clinic is in my building, I got to see a little bit of their frenzied but ordered work. It was pretty cool to watch them take care of these men.

Because we don’t have the resources to provide anything but triage, an immediate medical convoy was put together to take them to another base with a hospital. Again, it was so cool to watch everyone work together to get these men the needed medical attention they needed.

I realized that just because it was Christmas Eve, the world, especially the world here in Afghanistan, did not stop. An emergency presented itself and the professionals jumped right in and did their job. It was great to watch.

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