Sunday, December 31, 2006

Random Photos

Here I am at the shooting range with my trusty 9mm.

Here's our LDS group meeting in our B-Hut.

This is Asmatullah, my interperter at the KMTC. He's a great young man.

Here I am in JBAD standing on top my my humvee. Aren't I an impressive sight?


DeAnna said...

The picture of your LDS group looks like a high council meeting.

not ssg aaron said...

I agree, except for the handsome young man next to you in the black fleece. Hubba hubba!! ;-)

JAGMAN said...

Asmahtullah is a handesome young man. I'm sure I could introduce you to him. Ha, ha!

Trooper's wife said...

Trooper is pretty cute. I looking at your blog and finding him. Where's Waldo kind of thing!