Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Gifts

Let me start off by saying that I have a wonderful supportive family who has made sure that I have a few gifts to open this year. Janae started sending me gifts last month to make sure they all got here on time. With the gifts she sent a small Christmas tree, a Nativity set, a stocking, garland and bows. My room has been quite festive. She also sent me three boxes of gifts. She spoiled me.

Then over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve received gifts from my parents, my brother Chris and his family, my brother Matt and his family, my wonderful in-laws, the Durfees and my brother-in-law, Jason and his family. As I received the gifts I just shoved the boxes under my bed and didn’t really pay attention to just how much I was getting. Boy was I surprised when I put them out.

Steve told me that he had put out his gifts under his tree and that he was going to get on his webcam and open gifts with his family. What a great gift. My computer isn’t here yet so can’t webcam with my family, although Steve did offer to let me use his computer – he’s the best!! Anyway I decided that today, Friday, when I was cleaning my room I’d put out my gifts under my tree. You can imagine my surprise when I saw just how blessed and loved I am. See for yourselves!

I joked with Janae that I should get deployed more often as numerically, I’ve received more gifts that I’ve ever received. But you know what, I’d gladly give up every single gift to be home with my family. Oh well, no use lamenting the fact that I’m not home. I’m just grateful to a wonderful, kind and generous family.

I love you guys!!!

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