Sunday, December 31, 2006

Fuel and Fowl

The same day Merrill took my picture in front of the tank I got to watch dinner getting prepared. You know how when you go to a convenience store and if you’re hungry you can go in and get something to eat. Well we don’t have the same type of service here but I just about got invited to dinner.

As I was filling up our humvee, I heard the sound of a chicken in distress. I looked up and saw an ANA soldier come out of their tent with a chicken flapping from his hand. I immediately knew what was going to happen.

Sure enough, the soldier took the chicken to the side of the tent, wrung it’s neck then chopped off its head. It then lay there flopping on the ground. A few minutes later, actually 11 gallons of fuel later, the soldier came back, picked the dead bird up and went back inside the tent. I’m sure that a deplucking took place with dinner followed later.

I’ve never witnessed the “execution” of a chicken while pumping gas. Now I can check that one off my book of things I’ve always wanted to do!!

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Janae said...

I was going to fix chicken for dinner today, but this entry just killed my appetite for chicken.