Sunday, December 31, 2006

Comments Back On

For some reason, the comments option was turned off and not in the obvious location. Anyway, I fixed it so if you have a burning desire to go back and add comments to my previous posts please feel free to do so.

My lovely wife did not like the "new look" I chose for my blog when I updated so I'll try again.

Let me know what you think. But don't think I'll change it for you, just for her.


Trooper's wife said...

Hey, When you see Trooper next, will you let him know that you wouldn't change your blog look for someone other than your WIFE. Even if the strange someone said it made you look younger. Trooper shaved his mustashe off once, "just to see." (Well, once before for a tiny bit because of the Guard and becoming an officer thing. He was about 24ish) He kept his mustashe off because some person he doesn't live with said it made him look younger. I - his wife that he does live with - liked it and wanted him to grow it back. Did he do it for ME? NO!!!!!!!!! He did it because he was going to Afghanistan. You have your priorities in the right order!!!

Janae said...

Your new format is just fine. Thanks for changing it for me! You're the best!