Thursday, December 07, 2006

Office Supplies

The Merrill’s, friends of my cousin Russell Fox, sent my wife a check with which to purchase office supplies for the court. It came at the right time. Both the judges and the legal officer were telling me how difficult it was to get office supplies through their own supply chain.

I had Wais go into town and purchase 3 boxes of paper and 200 of the folders they like. Today we went and presented it to the judges and to the legal officer. Their eyes lit up like it was Christmas – which it almost is. They were certainly appreciative and told me to be sure and thank my friends.

So, to the Merrill’s – thank you on behalf of Brigadier General Hemayatullah and his staff and from COL Karim and his staff.

I have received lots of other humanitarian supplies but have not had an opportunity to get them delivered. It’s harder to get those out to the villages as it requires coordination with other units, but don’t worry, it will happen soon.

Don't be fooled by the "dour" look on their faces. I've learned that Afghans don't smile which is too bad beacuse they're really friendly people.

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