Sunday, December 03, 2006

Jalalabad - Gifts

It’s an Afghan custom to give gifts to your visitors. We weren’t disappointed. When we were at the Governor’s Palace, he presented us with very nice material with which to make Afghan “man-jammies.” They really look like pajamas. The pants are loose and baggy and the shirt hangs low like a night shirt. The shirt can be made in many different ways; collar/no collar/ cuffs/no cuffs, embroidery on the front, open/buttoned front. Lots of different ways. Wais is going to take my material into town and have a tailor make mine.

At one of the MOD sites, the Brigadier General brought in gifts of scarves and hats are called “pakol” and were worn and made popular by a local hero, Massoud, who was assassinated earlier this year. I just about bought an identical hat at the bazaar the day before so was glad that I waited.

Now all I need to do is buy Janae a burka and we can be an Afghan couple for Halloween.

I was zoning out apparently.


LoraLynn said...

hey it looks like me at 6:30 am in seminary!! we MUST be related!

Janae said...

You shouldn't say that you were zoning out, you should say that you were in deep concentration about the discussion at hand.

DeAnna said...

It looks like you are about ready to do that trick you can do that we all want to be able to do....sleep while your head is straight up!