Monday, November 06, 2006

Each others blogs

I hope you have clicked on the links and read my compatriot's blogs. We each have a different perspective on what's happening here and notice different things.

Read Aaron's blog on "pogs." I have a fistfull of these stupid things. I lose them faster than I can keep them but I would not have thought to write an entry about them. I'll have to start looking once again at the little things that happen here and write about them. I'm sure that 10 years from now, they'll be interesting. I hope.

Maybe when I write my "bestseller" they'll finally be interesting.

Anyone want to reserve an advance copy now?


Janae said...

Yes, I'll order several advanced copies right this very minute!!! I know any book you write will be worth reading!

Anonymous said...

Yes I have gone to them all...very good blogs.

LZ Payson

DeAnna said...

Seriously, you need to consider writing something...even if it isn't about your own life. You do have a way with words!gkhnn

Anonymous said...

Will the picture of your sexy legs be in the book? If so, I'll buy several copies.