Monday, November 27, 2006

My Last Entry

Even as I was writing my tribute to our fallen hero, I knew that it would stir up a myriad of feelings in so many different people. I sometimes lose sight of how many people read this page but when I started writing this it was for me and my family. That's who I continue to write it for. The rest of your are invited guests. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that you find my ramblings interesting enough to come back for but my goal with this is to write about what I'm feeling and experiencing.

Believe me, I understand the pain that this kind of news invokes, especially in wives and families at home. That's one of the things that caused me so much heartache yesterday, imagining what my own wife and sons would be going through if I was the one who was lost.

I appreciate the comment that I should have written this for my personal journal. I also appreciate the comments that this was where it should have been written. That's the beauty of a blog and the comments, you get to say what's on your mind regardless of who agrees with it. So keep the comments coming, even if you disagree or disapprove of what I've written.

Hindsight being 20/20, maybe I should have waited a day or two to post that entry but at the same time, I wanted to express what I was feeling and thinking at the time I was feeling and thinking those thoughts.

After all, isn't that what this forum is for?

As Trooper's Wife pointed out, when tragic events like this happen, all the phone lines and internet connections here are shut down to give the military time to contact the family of the fallen soldier. I knew that. I also knew that when the lines came back up, the family had been notified. That's why I felt OK about posting that comment.

I truly hope that I never have to write a similar entry, especially for one of my "family." That was the last thought process I went through, but didn't express in yesterdays comment; what if it were a close friend of mine? Would I write another entry? Absolutely! Would it be just as painful, just as hard? Of course, but I would write it anyway. I just hope and pray that I never have to.


Chris said...

Reading of your experiences makes me realize my own existence is of much less meaning and sacrifice. I live day to day taking for granted all that the Lord has given me, but never really expressing the gratitude in my heart for just being present in this existence. Keep writing, if only to remind us of all that we hold dear.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us informed. Don't stop writing about everything that happens. We don't get all the information from the media, so I and others appreciate what you can tell us. It helps us understand what the soldiers are going through and it helps us be more grateful for all that we have.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being true and who you are my friend. Be safe and watchful always.

LZ Payson

LoraLynn said...

"We don't get all the information from the media, so I and others appreciate what you can tell us. It helps us understand what the soldiers are going through"

I agree, because all of the entries you post are so different from what TV chooses to show us or tell us about, that it's refreshing to hear about the reality of the situation, not just the "fluff."


Anonymous said...

Ya know, so many dynamic relationships have been and will be forged through writing, reading, and responding to this and the other blogs. Forged is an interesting word. It can be a tough process that holds true for metal as well as relationships. We are all in this together I think. We share a common love and concern. We are also learning about each other and developing sensitivities. Its natural. I look forward to meeting these wonderful people that I read about, those that write about them, and the responders as well. It'll be all smiles and hugs!

Thats my thought anyway. My thanks to you for your thoughtfulness and ethos.