Saturday, November 18, 2006

New Marines

The new Marine command group arrived last week. It was great to see them arrive as it signaled people who had been here less time than we had had finally arrived. It was hard to see them come as they will be going home before we do. They’re on 6 months orders and since we have more than 6 months to go that realization was hard.

I’ve had a case of the blahs for the last week or so. I think it’s been watching COL Vitali’s command get ready to go and being jealous, watching all their plans to go and being jealous, but mostly being jealous of the excitement in the Marine’s eyes as they knew the days were quickly winding down.

They left for Phoenix yesterday and today were transported to Bagram to catch their flight out. I think they actually leave the country next week some time. Now that they’re actually gone, I’m starting to feel better. I realize that there’s no point worrying about what I can’t change. It’s sort of like being on a mission. Once you get through the first set of missionaries that go home and realize that your time will come, things got easier.

I’m hoping that’s how I’ll feel.

COL Smith and his command came from Okinawa. They’ve been together for some time so are already a working unit. And they’re all tall. COL Vitali’s command was made up of mostly short Marines. These guys are all pretty tall and the comparison was very obvious. As I’d watch the old Marines showing their new counterparts around, it was apparent that there was a substantial height difference.

Ever hear of short-mans complex? One of the Marines, one of the commanding Marines suffered from it. At least that’s the general consensus. It was interesting to watch. I learned a lot from this Marine but one day at chow we all came to the same consensus.

These guys seem to be really on the ball. Already they’ve cut down our staff meetings. We were meeting everyday, now I only have to attend a staff meeting three days a week an no staff meeting on Friday. I’m quite excited.

Well they’re here, they’re leaving before I do and I think I’m actually OK with that. I’m also looking at it from the point of view that when they go home, it will be about the same time that I go home on leave for Seth’s graduation. Then when I get back I’ll have around 60 days left and I think I can live with that.

I guess that’s something I can look forward to.


Anonymous said...

We know how you feel--sort of. We are the greenest missionaries in our area, but we have a release date of 10/07 and will be shipping stuff home in just 10 months. Can greenies be trunky?

Elder & Sister (Iceman)

Anonymous said...

We are so grateful for your wonderful testimony. I get to see your wife and children and they are incredible. Your boys helped Nephi and I to get ready to paint our ceilings and clean up the mess. Ya we had a disaster. Your wife I truly love and know she is holding up but it is hard. We put your name in the temple and we are always praying for you.