Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Don’t you just love sodium?

Did you know that the periodic table lists sodium’s scientific designation as “NA?” Isn’t that interesting?

My wife especially likes NA. She thinks it’s one of the best designations on the periodic table.

She especially likes my sodium.

Ken thinks I write about sodium way too much. As I recall, I’ve never written about this topic before. I don’t know what he’s talking about.


Janae said...

I don't just like his sodium, I love it!

DeAnna said...

Yep, I think your sodium isn't that bad either!

Anonymous said...

I believe I got to try a pinch of your sodium at Mandy Allen's wedding shower!

Andrew said...


For an "outsider," it took about 5 minutes reading the "Sodium" post to figure out the meaning. I would assk you what it meant, butt I think I figured is out.

JAGMAN said...

Geez you all. Table salt. You know, sodium is table salt.

I have no idea what you were all thinking!!