Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kerry Comment

Go to Aaron's blog - "My Hero's Blog" and watch the Kerry video. It will take a minute to load but let it load. I love the picture that the soldiers in Iraq posted. What is being said, if anything, back home in the mainstream media?

Can you believe this guy? Last time I checked, there were highly educated men and women serving in Iraq.

I would call him a bad name, but I'm trying to give that up. Therefore, insert your own expletive!!


Janae said...

I love the picture on Aaron's page of the soldiers sign. Maybe we should send John Kerry to Iraq, but that wouldn't be fair to the soldiers that are there. He doesn't have enough class to be with them. I have never liked John Kerry and once again he has shown me why I would never vote for him.

Anonymous said...

The dems are running from him and the GOP is salivating. Its fun...but sad to watch. The entire country is groaning..."Why do they still let him on TV!!"

Anonymous said...

I added to a pole thing a radio station had and said that if he was Bush bashing he should mention the name Bush. My husband and soldier buddies had degrees, were smart and tied their shoes and to leave them out of his Bush problem. I also mentioned my Viet Nam vet dad. (He hates Kerry - the mention of "Purple Hearts" every third word solidified that.) THEN, my son came home after he found out about the Kerry failed joke and said 'If he was making a joke about the president? Where was the president mentioned?" No one messes with his dad, not even some one with rich wife and 4 purple hearts.
Trooper's Wife

Anonymous said...

Kerry is in a time warp back to the military draft days of his and my youth. His reference was to the fact that if a otherwise fit guy could not find some type of deferment to keep him from getting drafted into the Army he would end up in Vietnam -- which was mostly true for a period. I think this demonstrates that he is so out of touch with today's volunteer military that he should just shut up. His past tries a humor ended with similarly dismal results. He is just an idiot trying to figure out what he wants to do when he grows up.

Haroon's Dad


Haroon's Mom has further Kerry analysis: He really needs to ketchup with the world.

DeAnna said...

Emily came home from school telling me her AP History teacher had told them all about his comment and then the teacher completely insulted him in the class. Emily loved it! Don't worry, we all know what kind of people defend our country...not people like John Kerry. I'm with vote from me.