Tuesday, November 14, 2006

No School

I think I mentioned in my blog about our school visit that the schools here are pretty austere and that the kids sit on the cement floor.

My terp told me that school is canceled in the winter. Makes sense. I didn’t’ see anything in the buildings to heat them and can you imagine how cold and uncomfortable that would be to sit on freezing cement and try to listen to teachers drone on?

I started to chuckle at a mental image I got when he told me that. Remember that classic moment in A Christmas Story when Flick sticks his tongue to the metal pole? I thought of those poor kids sitting on the cold floor and actually sticking to the cement. OK, maybe it’s not that funny but with as cold as it gets here it was a thought that just popped into mind.

So instead of the summers off, the kids here get “winter vacation.”


LoraLynn said...

ok, now i can picture YOU stuck to the cement floor...now that's the funniest picture i can think of!!


Lisa said...

I double dog dare you!