Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Blog News and Comments

I had no idea the number of readers that visited my humble little page. I'm honored by the interest that many of you apparently show. I'm going to add a counter to this page so I can see just how many of you are out there.

I understand that because of mine and Aaron's pages there are wives out there who pester their husbands for information based on our page - funny story to follow. As such, several guys in our group are now starting their own pages. I'll have to create links to their pages so you can read about their experiences here.

One of the things that I love about this forum are the comments that people leave. I realize that not everyone that reads my entries will leave a comment, but as Aaron and I and the other guys have discussed this type of form, we all agree that the comments are our favorite part. So, if you've never left a comment and feel inclined to do so, please do. It's really easy, simply click on the "comments" link below, type in your comment and it will get posted to my page and then sent to me via e-mail. I'm not as discriminating as Aaron. He's got the "Moderate Comments" option on as apparantly he has family or friends that leave comments best not read by the public, or something like that. So far, everyone has left fun, funny and appropriate comments. Please continue to do so.

So now for the funny story as told to me by Andy. He's our computer guy. He knows that I have a blog page. Last Sunday, he and some others from the team were on an all-day convoy. As they got back just before church started he decided not to attend. As he was talking with his wife, she asked if he was going to go to church. He said "no." She said, "that's alright, you can attend priesthood on Tuesdays." He had no idea what she was talking about. He said that we were not having priesthood but gospel doctrine instead. She said, "no, you guys have Priesthood on Tuesdays now." He asked her how she knew that. She said that it was on "Bob's blog page." He asked who Bob was? Since he's junior in rank to me, he doesn't call me by my first name. She said something like, "that church guy." Andy did not make the connection with me, rather thought she was talking about one of the guys at church. She finally said, "the JAG." It was then that the light went on. Apparently Andy's mother and wife have been reading my page since Shelby. Andy said his Mom stumbled across my page when she was doing a Google search for stuff on Task Force Phoenix and Aghanistan.

So like I said, I had no idea the number of people who are reading this. I'm flattered and pleased that you enjoy reading what I put out there. I know a lot of it is directed towards my family, but I'm trying to keep a record of what's going on around me and what's happening to the people I care about.

So Andy's wife and mother, did I get the story straight?


Andy said...
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Andy said...

I realize that you are "Higher Rank" than I, and that you are SOOO cool that Aaron gave you Maverick....but can't I even get a link to my blog on your page?

marlyn said...

Thanks for the blog Jagman. Eric told me about your blog and I look forward to your posts and hearing about life and your experiences there in Afghanistan. It's fun to learn about your family also. thanks for sharing and keep up the good work. My husband is also in Afghanistan, Khowst. It seems that I just can't get enough information about that part of the world!

DeAnna said...

Who would have thought that our own, humble Bob would be so famous? We knew you when you weren't....don't forget the little people. :)

Aimee said...

Hey Jagman,
I cant get Andy to church maybe you can. Good Luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Steve has actually had some catching up and explaining to do since I happened upon your blog. Thanks. It keeps him on his toes. And it is good to hear how things are.

Anonymous said...

We treasure every word on every blog. Like Marlyn, I can't get enough about how life is going at home and abroad. I check for updates here and on Aaron's blog twice daily. I can't wait to add the other blog links to my favorites. Besides...reading the blogs is a great way for me anyway to manage the stress of seperation. Each posting is a blessing. Its not crazy to assume that these will bring families here in Utah closer together. That makes it easier to bear one anothers burdens.