Friday, October 13, 2006

Day Four

Day Four – Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The next day I was with Karim interviewing witnesses when three officers from the Inspector General’s office showed up. They were sent by Burger King to look into things. They had no authority to investigate this case other than Suspect A’s protector, Burger King, was making some attempts at protecting him and intimidating the legal officers. I had my contacts at the higher level look into it and they confirmed that Burger King had ordered the investigation but that he told them to only make sure that the legal procedure was being followed. Since procedures were being followed, they had to go home with their tails between their legs. Both Karim and Boss told them to “get the he** out of here” or at least that was the Dari equivalent. As Merrill and I exited the office we had to pass through several of Subject A’s supporters. You know the old saying, “If looks could kill?” Well we’d be dead right now.

Oh, remember Boss? He was advocating to keep Subject A there with him or at least not put him in pre-trial confinement, well he’s changed his tune. Now he’s actually taking credit to putting Subject A in PTC. That’s OK. He’s got to protect himself as well and I’m sure he felt that to maintain some working relationship with Subject A he had to play the part of his supporter. For him it may have literally been a matter of life and death. Since the arrest of Subject A, Boss has had a steady stream of soldiers in his office shaking his hand and thanking him for putting Subject A in PTC.

It was also that day that we received intel that Subject A was directing his minions to create a tremendous amount of destruction and chaos within the command. Fortunately it didn’t happen. But this just further emphasized the fact that he was a danger to the command and witnesses because of his ability to direct these activities from his cell.

Not only does Subject A have the Intel officer on his side, but the Mullah of the Brigade. Apparently he went to see Burger King and told him that it was the Americans that had Subject A arrested, that there was no reason for the arrest and that Subject A was being unjustly persecuted. Nice religious guy.

Late that night, COL Vitali knocked on my door. He said that he had just received word that Subject A’s grandmother had died and he wanted to be released for three days so he could go to the funeral. Vitali told me to be prepared to mentor the JAG to not release him. I told him I’d take care of it.

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