Friday, October 06, 2006

More PIctures

Our command has a shared drive where people are able to download pictures they've taken. I've been copying them to my own drive and decided to share some with you.

Here's a pretty good shot overlooking our camp, looking east towards the mountains.

The second shot is looking towards the same direction, but now you can't see the mountains because of the dust in the air. Just think we have to breathe that junk in. Nasty.

These are pictures from the eastern part of the country. As you can see, it's quite beautiful.

An ANA Kitchen. How'd you like to cook there every day?

How about living on a tent on top of a roof?

Another part of the country. The mountain passes are incredibly rugged.

Some pretty primitive living conditions our guys and ANA soldiers are living in.

I love this picture. It says so in your face Taliban!!

This is how you do business with village elders, you sit around on the floor and talk. My boss, COL Vitali is in the lower, right hand corner.

An ANA cannon draped in the Afghan flag. This was taken at a fires demonstration. They fired rockets, had the tanks out, the helicopters were flying. I heard it was a very impressive demonstration. I'd post the pictures, but I've run out of time. Maybe later.

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