Friday, October 27, 2006


I hadn't planned on thanking every person that sent me humanitarin stuff but decided, what the heck, I have unlimited space here.

So with that said, thank you to Marintha Miles from California for sending me/us a box of 20 pair of little boy and girl shoes. When I first posted this I had received only one box. Tonight I got two more from Marintha. Thank you so much!!!

The thing that impresses me more than anything is the response I've received from people I don't even know. It's a testament to the attitude of being willing to help someone you don't even know. It's also a testament to the power of the internet. Had I not first posted this on my blog, I know I wouldn't have received the responses that I have. And on that note, thanks to my cousin, Russell Fox for getting the word out on his blog on Times and Seasons. I have had quite a few people e-mail me after reading his blog.

Again, a testament for the good that can come from the internet.

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