Friday, October 27, 2006

First Snow Fall

Yesterday I went to Bagram Air Base for business. As we were driving up, I actually saw snow on the tops of the mountains. It was such a beautiful sight. The mountains are probably 11,000 feet or so and it was only the tops that were snow-capped, but it was a beautiful sight. I’m ready for winter to come, only because it will be a change of season that will continue to mark the passage of time here. Then spring will come and that will again mark the passage of time and then summer. And it’s late summer that we get to go home, so that’s one reason why I want it to turn into winter here.

The other reason is that I love the snow. I know I’m crazy, but I really love it. I don’t even mind driving through it. Now my story might change if I have to walk through it, but I’ll reserve that judgment for when the time comes.

But for now, I can’t wait for the snow to come.


Hari said...
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DeAnna said...

We had snow here in Utah also.