Friday, October 13, 2006

Speaking of Sending Us Stuff...

Speaking of sending us stuff, I want to thank David Carattini from the Leavitt Insurance Group in Cedar City for sending me a box. I’m sure it was a corporate thing where they got the names of deployed soldiers and send them care packages, but he took the time to write a nice letter and stuff the box full of really useful things; baby wipes, Pringles, disposable camera, $10 calling card, writing pad, envelopes, pens, razors, Rice Krispy treats and so much more. It was a pleasant surprise to receive it. Aaron got a box from the Leavitt group the same night I did. We were both really grateful.

Not only does the Leavaitt Insurance Group send out boxes, but so many other people in the states pack up boxes of really cool, useful, yummy things and send them out. In our MWR (morale, welfare and recreation) room, there’s a table with nothing but stuff that is sent to us. It’s really appreciated and makes me grateful to the folks back home who are looking out for us.

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