Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!!

My second favorite holiday is being celebrated at home while I sit here and type away in the dark hours of the night. OK, it's only 9:20 p.m. but I'm tired enough that it feels like 2:30 a.m.

If I were home right now, I'd be passing out candy AND scaring trick-or-treaters with my boys.

Here's a picture of me from last year. I actually went to work looking like this. Notice the eyes? Cool, scary contacts. I freaked out several defense attorneys, court clerks and defendants. It was fun!!

This next picture is of me on our front porch with our stuffed, scary dead guy.

Here's our front yard. The tombstones were made by the boys and me. We had a great time making them. I think we had 23 or more at one time. Wonder why the Atkinson girls don't like to come to our house to trick or treat?

The medics and a couple other of the female NCO's went trick-or-treating down the hallway of one of the buildings of rooms. They were knocking on all the doors collecting a pillow-case full of candy. They were obviously having a great time.

For Priesthood tonight, rather than have a lesson, we watched Abbot & Costello Meet Frankenstein. I love that old movie. It's so campy but so much fun at the same time. What made it especially fun was that Braxton had his own Halloween Party last week and they watched the same movie. He thought that was pretty funny that he and I ended up watching the same movie for a Halloween party.

The weather continues to get cooler. While it's still in the very low 70's during the day, it's getting cooler in the mornings. I've taken to wishing I was wearing a long-sleeve t-shirt under my uniform or have even contemplated wearing my fleece jacket. But, since I'm such a manly man, I have not. I wouldn't want anyone to accuse me of being a whimp.

Since I'm so tired, I'm not being very witty tonight so I'll simply sign off by wishing you all a Happy Halloween. At least I'll be home next year to celebrate!!


Chris said...

What, no interesting comment on the Halloween practices of the Afghans, or lack thereof. Our kids will be rick-or-Treating for the children of Afghanistan.

Janae said...

Halloween just wasn't the same without you!

DeAnna said...

Just to comment on the freaky eyes last year...Katie didn't even want to get in his car to ride to school that morning. I ditto Janae's comment.