Saturday, October 21, 2006

Something soft and silky (NOT) and black...

Last month, in a post entitled "mail" I ended my entry with this plea: "Now if it was something else that was sent that smelled like my wife, something soft and silky, black or...OK, I’ll think of something else now."


My wife did. I love my wife. She is the most wonderful wife in the whole world. She writes to me everyday. Can you imagine the time that requires? She writes while helping the boys with homework, she writes while waiting for the copy machine to warm up at the Stake Center, she writes while sitting in the car. She's great. Others are jealous of me because of all just how many letters a week I get.

(Wives, I know e-mail is instantaneous but there's nothing like getting a letter from home. Especially one that smells of your perfume. Do your husbands a favor and write an occassional letter.)

She also has sent me a couple of boxes of great stuff. I love Symphony Bars with Almonds and Toffee. I have more than I could eat in 2 minutes. OK, it will really take me quite some time to eat them all but she's really good about sending me stuff that I love. Hostess Cupcakes come to mind as well.

So with that comment at the end of a post, I was hoping that she might get the hint and send me something soft and black, something that smelled like her. I think I included the word "silky" in my request.

Well she did see that comment and she did send me something. So here it is in pictures, her response to my plea for comfort...

(Yea, I got a box from home!! Maybe it has something black and silky in it that smells like Janae.)

(Mmmm...Hostess favorite!!!)

(Janae always plans ahead. Here's my Thanksgiving decoration. All the other guys are going to be so jealous!!)

(Oohh, oohh, she sent me something black!! I wonder what it is? Hmm, let me think....)

(A sock??!! That's not silky? Yes it's black and had a whiff of perfume, but a sock??!! We have this joke at home that we're going to give the boys stinky socks for Christmas. I guess I just became the butt of that joke!! And it's not even Christmas yet!!)

(Oh well. At least it was from my wife and was sort of soft.)


Seth said...

I love your expression when you saw that it was just a black sock!

Luke said...

I laughed so hard when I read this entry. Thanks for the good laugh!

Janae said...

Black socks are not only sexy, they also keep your feet nice and warm!

Braxton said...

Why would you want something black and soft?