Thursday, October 05, 2006

Picture Time Again

It’s picture time again. Here are some pictures from the bazaar and the types of things that are offered for sale. It’s fun going and looking. What I don’t like are the young boys/men who come up, want to shake your hand and then try and drag you to their stand. It wouldn’t be so bad if their hands weren’t so sweaty or dirty. So now I know who wants to shake hands and try to avoid them if at all possible.

There are so many things you can buy; carpets, brass items, hand carved/made furniture, jewelry, rough-cut gem stones (most of which are made in the lab) antique firearms, pirated CD/DVD's, scarves, tailor-made suits, things made out of marble,

Some pictures of the buildings that have been shot at during past wars and disturbances. It’s a solemn reminder of the violence that has plagued this country.

Here's a picture of me and and my roommate Scott. He looks big and imposing, but he's really a big, ole softie.

Here's a picture of ANA (Afghan National Army) soldiers crouching. Afghan men can crouch like this forever. You see young and old men alike in this position everywhere. It makes my knees ache just to see them in this position.

Some more pictures of our trip up north....

There's Aaron keeping security for us.

A woman in a burka and her son, as seen through the windshield. She's covered head to toe.

Now a view from the front...

The vendor is weighing out wood to sell to the guy. There are shops everywhere that sell nothing but pieces of wood. It's quite interesting. That's one reason this area has no trees. They were cut down to use for fuel during the Taliban reign.

And here's the wood shop for your daily supply of fire wood.

Want some fresh, fly covered goat?

An abandoned transport vehicle overlooking the river and valley.

A command picnic we had a few weeks ago. A small part of our LDS group (facing the camera): SGT Lecker, SFC LeBarron, me, CPT Curtis.

The King's palace in Kabul. It was bombed during the Russian invasion and has never been rebuilt.

The crowded streets of Kabul. That's literally how close other vehicles get to us. It's pretty crazy.

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