Friday, October 13, 2006

Day One

Day One – Monday October 7, 2006

On Saturday last, Subject A beat up one of his Pashtun soldiers. He beat him severely enough that the soldier ended up being taken to the hospital. We found out about this when we were there waiting to link up with several ANA soldiers to go on a convoy to the school. You can read about that adventure in another posting.

Before we left the Brigade headquarters, LTC Ken Mundt, the US senior mentor for 2nd Brigade, had a meeting with the Brigade Commander (Boss) to discuss the case. The commander hadn’t heard anything about it. Subject A was called in to explain what had happened. Of course he lied through his teeth. He said that all he did was grab the soldier by the nose and maybe he grabbed him by the scruff of the neck. When asked why the soldier had cuts and bruises on his face and why he had to be taken to the hospital, Subject A said that was a lie and that did not happen. I wonder who the liar was.

When we got back that afternoon, I found out that the case had been referred to MGM. MGM had ordered a preliminary investigation into the incident. Lo and behold, the truth was that Subject A did beat the soldier severely enough to send him to the hospital. The question now was, what do we do with him?

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