Tuesday, January 09, 2007

"Battle Wound" - Not Really!! I wasn't injured!!!

My sister Tiffany was telling me that her son, Will, was so proud of me being in the Army and being at "war." She said that he's fascinated with the military. I decided to send her a couple of pictures to show her kids some of the things I've been doing. Being the twisted uncle that I am, I sent this first picture. Well Will thought that I had been shot and was being treated for my wounds. I laughed but realized that a kindergarten aged little boy would have no clue as to the difference between training and real life.

So Will, your Uncle Bob was not shot. What these pictures show is me being the "patient" while another soldier practices administering an IV into my arm. I had to do the same thing to him. It was actually pretty cool. It's been so long since I did it but I hope that if the situation required I'd be able to remember.

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